Friday, June 22, 2007

what I'm thinking about these days

projects in the works, desserts appearing soon perhaps, etc.

sweetness: am I supposed to bake a variety of products with different sweetness levels to please different people?

do I overuse vanilla?

I always imagined heaven was made from buttercream one of the writers said to me just the other day.

who tags cake, and why?

flan for the FB: how am I supposed to make flan without ramekins? Manager suggested making it in disposable molds but custard needs something firm so as not to be damaged. Flan in muffin tins? Flan in silpat? How to get ramekins from the farm?

herbs: I'm getting half a pound of lemon verbena tomorrow at the market. Current plan is to macerate some strawberries in it for the shortcakes but what else am I going to do with the bundle of lemon verbena that is left?

politics of FB: Manager said nobody carried organic lemon verbena except for one vendor who tended not to bring it to the saturday market as the was no market for it. But this is just not true...who gets to decide who we buy things from because is doesn't seem to be me.

New berries: ollalieberries, huckleberries, fraises des bois, tayberries, boysenberries, want to try in raw form if possible.

new project: why are the cable stitches so much harder to knit after I slip them back onto the needle?

mushrooms: how no one ever told me that if you cook them long enough you cook out the water and they smell deliciously like teriyaki, or char from the grill. how if someone had told me long ago that mushrooms taste like lapsang souchong, like teriyaki, like crunchy caramelization, like earthy woodsy slightly buttery vegetation I would have been much more prone to eating them. how they possibly tried to tell me that but I would not listen.

how i can remember bacon, but not pork.

how goodreads has made so many people feel better including me.

gelatin: totally gross, but really amazing at the same time.

potato bread with a pesto swirl.

retro kick: interested in making bubble gum ice cream, and actually I bought some today at Mitchell's. I remember it being bright pink and with bright gum that was really chewy when you ate it, but one of the cupcake girls thought it was bright blue. The Mitchell's stuff was bright blue with this disappointing gum that was more like jawbreakers. Quite expensive for a scoop of extremely aerated ice cream. what does it it taste like after all? cotton candy, sort of, but what does cotton candy taste like?

today our sourdough starter began smelling like nailpolish remover. was it the cake flour? the raisin water?

how to be better, faster, more productive.

how plums are really something special...and the santa rosas, they're decent but they're not my plum. how I really like the Jade nectarines...but we only had them for a week.

how the other day one of my crushes told me she could tell i was from the east coast.

how i cross the streets when i shouldn't.

how i left virtually everything back east, and when will i get it, and how?

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