Wednesday, June 20, 2007

apples, big and otherwise

Did you listen to Fresh Air on NPR today? Russ Parsons was on and it was all about seasonal fruit! I learned that Red Delicious apples are made so red by the very thing that makes them taste bitter and not at all how an apple should taste. And new apple breeds (heirlooms or hybrids?) started coming into popularity--beginning with the Fuji, bred in Japan and then trans-atlanticized to our shores so we could grow them and sell them to Asians, in the day before anyone cared about local food--and people could really begin to taste apples again. Apples that tasted like apples.

I think my first trip back east will be in time for apple picking. But my cute new dogwalker just sent me this article which made me want a different sort of apple. New York New York, the bitter apple. My love-hate relationship's been turning sweet lately as I miss the idiosyncrasies of that city.

This morning my friend Dale invited me to join Because I am a sucker for books and literature, I did, and invited many of my friends to join, thinking it would be really sweet if they did but believing none of them would. Over half of them did! And many sent me emails or called me. One even accused me of writing about all of these incomprehensible things here--blah blah blah buttercream, blah blah blah chef-name-drop, blah blah blah pate sucree. But then we talked about maybe meeting New York.

Today I connected with my friends through literature. Wouldn't it be wonderful if that happened every day?

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