Thursday, June 07, 2007

boston bites

What?!? Susan Regis left Pava? In these parts if she's known at all, it's only as sister of Lori Regis, the front-house person at Boulette's and ex-Stars. But on the East Coast Susan Regis has done Biba's, worked at Upstairs on the Square, and Pava, which was briefly mentioned a few issues of Gourmet back. Now she's gone, doesn't know where she's going. I did mean to try Pava before I left town.

The Beehive opened. Wish wish wish I could go. Also to the outdoor patio at Oleana. Hell if I could just have some zaatar flatbread, Chef Ana's falafel and some excellent dessert Fed-exed to me right now I might not be so sad about commuting away the best hours of my life across the Bay Bridge.

Somehow I've got to get to Boston for a few days while it's still humid and I can go swimming at Nantasket, eat some Redbones, and gleefully complain about it being so hot my clothes are sticking to my body nevermind trying to bake in this sort of weather.

You'd think bribing people with cupcakes would lead to a nice apartment for you, but nooo, not in this town. I will find one, yet, I will!

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shuna fish lydon said...

if you need some of the best, housemade, zaatar flatbread, take the Geary L express and go to Aziza JUST for the spreads and order and extra side of flatbread. I can guarantee you, with all my heart, that you won't be disappointed!