Wednesday, June 06, 2007

slightly off topic...

...But in what other city in this country can you go to a literary reading and get homemade cookies? Baked by the hostess who happens to be an author you really like? Tonight I went to the Radar reading at the SF public library, featuring comix artists Ariel Schrag and Alison Bechdel as well as a novelist and spoken word artist. The icing on the evening, as it were...Michelle Tea's homemade sugar cookies with rose sugar, extra sugar-y icing. I did not get a cookie, but I *did* snag one of the last copies of Stuck in the Middle, practically causing a little fistfight (really I just waited in line and beat out these other girls who had snatched em up...hahah)

Nice to remind myself of things I like about this city when I'm having such an impossible time finding housing in it...And now I'm working 5 days a week and not 4, which means more commuting headaches.

authors + cookies, what could be better?

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