Monday, April 16, 2007

sorbet/egg test

Making Claudia Fleming's grapefruit-rosemary sorbet right now, with rosemary I ganked from the neighbor's yard. Ahh, the bounty of California. I cut off the grapefruit peels after I juiced the fruit and now I'm candying those as well. If only I made some rosemary shortbread cookies the whole thing would be so cute! Maybe tomorrow...

I used the egg test for this batch of sorbet since it seems to be my lot to flail with sorbets. Float a cleaned raw egg in your solution, and you want a dime-sized portion of the egg to remain afloat. If less egg's showing you need sugar and if you've got more like a quarter patch of egg, add water. I hope it's going to be good. The grapefruit seems to balance out the rosemary and I wonder if maybe I didn't use enough, but I picked a good handful--and quickly, so I didn't get caught--and had maybe four or five short stalks, rather than 2 long ones. Ah well, it tastes good.

The roommates are raving about the strawberry meringue cookies. I watched Robin eat one with this look of total bliss on her face. Yeah, they're really good. And normally I'm modest about that kind of thing. "She just made them, while I was sitting right there," Robin said.

"Actually I was sitting on the floor of my room and you poked your head in," I reminded her. Now my Kitchen Aid's in the kitchen and all's right.

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