Monday, April 02, 2007


Oh, wow...Just found out the Cyrus pastry chef went to my little culinary school! How very impressive. They're all up for a beard and whatnot.

My pineapple rum compote is really good. It could be better-things could pretty much always be better-but on the whole I'm satisfied and I'd like to have it with cakes or shortbread and custardy things.

My friend Tara wants me to make her some tiramisu. I don't understand why people like tiramisu so much. I mean it's okay but there are ways I'd rather have my coffee and chocolate in an opera, or in Chef's Alhambra. Umh, the alhambra. Chocolate-rum goodness.

The kitchen aid and ice cream maker are coming Monday and I can't decide what to make first...dark chocolate ice cream, strawberry ice cream, all my doughs, upside down cake.

I got the Chez Panisse Desserts cookbook in the mail today. And the Scharffen Berger cookbook from the library.

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