Sunday, April 15, 2007


So in the L word, season 2, Kit claims she stole her new chef from Suzanne Goin, except she pronounces it more like gawn-az. As if. I wish Lara would come chefs on television, there just aren't enough of em. I'm not talking about the Rachel Ray variety. Though Tom Colicchio is kind of fun, especially when he's grumbling about how none of the top chefs could hack his kitchen.

Mmmh, it would be kind of nice to be at Craft right now or some other new yorky place. Perfect vegetables and skinny, trendy people. Sheesh, maybe I'll have to drive out to St. Helena and wrap myself up in the west coast Dean and Deluca. I didn't expect to Miss New York. Huh. Got to spend some time with some east coast transplants out here...I'm sure there's place in the city I could go to feel that murky, frenetic New York energy. And I know plenty of people who'd be really happy if I went to visit.

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