Wednesday, April 25, 2007

new blood one day?

Oh, Boston. Ken Oringer just opened La Verdad and according to Bostonchefs his steakhouse (of course, a steakhouse) is opening imminently. And then there's a vague new Barbara Lynch outreach Stir also hyped on Bostonchefs. And while I have no doubt that Clio and 9 Park aren't at the top of the game over there 3000 miles away, I just want someone else to do something else. Lynch and Oringer and Todd English (my least fave) all have these enormous empires and as Michael Ruhlman reminds us that's the way of the chef today if that chef wants to make any money.

*ah, on the steakhouse...apparently they're just renaming Spire, where I interviewed before moving to SF. Guess naming Oringer as the consulting chef meant total revamping and stealing Eastern Standard staffers...see here.

Beehive's almost open though, and the non-cheffy folks are catching the buzz on the Chow boards. I want to know where Picnic is.

It occurred to me today that I could go back east. Just...go back. It'd be sunny and gearing up to be humid. But I haven't learned what I came out here to learn, or eaten at any of this city's restaurants, and one bad week does not send me back to Boston.

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