Tuesday, November 07, 2006

petit fours

I snuck some petit fours from tonight's function...there's was this awesome electric-blue one that was supposed to be chocolate mint, but the color was more lagoon--like. all glassy and crusted over sugar surface...like fondant. but it was in a little chocolate cup. then there were cookies, hazelnuts covered in white chocolate, lots of other things that looked good. it's funny, you can sort of tell--by which i mean I can tell--whether things are going to be as good as they look or not. there's something so mediocre about a lot of things...stupid little linzer cookies. i don't understand. it's not hard to make a good one (ok, maybe i've got more skills that the average cook, but hey, it REALLY ISN'T HARD. or maybe it is, i don't know.) i'm just sick of mediocre dessert. it makes me not even want to bother. i hate being nervous in bakeries, cafes, restaurants, not wanting to order certain things because i don't think they will be very good. i wonder if real chefs feel that way about eating. because i certainly did not become a pastry chef to ruin my favorite food group for myself.

yes, dessert is a food group in my book.

i did get to hand out business cards at the function to some of the temps i've worked with a lot. and to someone who knows a world cup pastry participant. i was like, PLEASE, hook me up with your friend. not cause i want to pull sugar or anything, but come on, world cup pastry? that's intense. maybe i can be like some super pastry correspondent to the new yorker or gourmet or something. writer to the foodie stars. except i don't write journalism...and i think there's something silly about competitive cooking...

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