Thursday, November 16, 2006

my pinafores

I took some choco-raspberry mousse petit fours to my corporater friend Leah today to give out to her coworkers, adn this is what she says.

>Awesome...your pinafores were a HUGE hit, and I made sure every person got a
>menu and a card. Someone even shouted across several rows of desks that it
>was INCREDIBLE, which created some buzz. People who didn't get one are
>already starting to ask when you're providing more.

Also, I think December's supper club pick is Oleana, the James Beard award-winning chef Ana Sortun's Cambridge resto. Apparently Oleana uses organically grown produce from Sortun's husband's farm...

The week before, Sortun's doing a cooking demo/cookbook signing at CSCA, my cooking school.

Also, in January, I should be eating at CIA. That's only six to eight years overdue but hey, they're still there. In Hyde Park on prime Hudson River real estate. And I so love the Hudson in January, when it's all ice floes and cold, beautiful, grayish-blue light. IF it's cold this january.

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