Friday, November 17, 2006

more gramercy goodness

It's fitting that one of the stories for my collection features yuzu in the context of an epiphany...

I took Claudia Fleming's book out of the library today...lost myself on the subway home dreaming about frozen orange mousse, black pepper ice cream, cherry napoleon...Yum. Fleming does some interesting things. I think my boss used some of her ideas for Sonsie's menu...she's got maple-baked apples with prune armagnac ice cream and almond cookies....which sounds kind of like almond-baked apples with prune armagnac ice cream and almond brittle (and shortbread cookies) to me! If so I'd like to test some of them out.

I really wish CSCA had liquer classes. Armagnac, Sauternes, Port....all we did was dump raspberry brandy and poire william into soaking syrups...which is more than we di at Sonsie, but still, there's a whole word of too-sweet liquors out there that I wont' drink but might cook with, so what's a girl to do??

almost done with this story...I know, this is a chef blog and not a writer blog, but the story's about chefs....

oh, I tried mahi mahi today and it tasted like butter!

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