Tuesday, November 28, 2006

It's only been since August...

...but I seem to be functioning on some higher plane of food. In August when my boss asked me for fall menu ideas I shrugged and said maybe something with crystallized ginger. Now I've got 5 or so ideas.

I started reading the December gourmet and when I came across the article about L'Orangerie in which the author mentioned taking a famous food critic from the Bay area down to LA to go to the restaurant, I knew the critic was Ruth Reichl and I knew who the author must be even before I turned the page to confirm. When I read the restaurant news, I'm starting to be able to do the xc who's who of big deal chefs. In May when I had trouble making dehydrated peppers in the microwave because they kept getting black lines, and I kept grumbling about how it was a stupid idea and why didn't we just cnady them in a sugar syrup, adn it was silly, and Roberta told me we were using Thomas Keller's recipe from French Laundry it meant nothing to me.

I've got vanilla cranberry clove jam cooling in the refrigerator, and yogurt draining for Claudia Fleming's yogurt sorbet, and I'm trying to figure out how to get the cheapest dried cherries in town to make double-chocolate cherry icebox cookies rolled in sanding sugar.

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