Thursday, September 27, 2007

envy, that old flame

It's so much worse to feel disappointed in yourself than to have someone thundering about screaming at you. or giving you the disappointed-father-routine. I let myself down last night. And then dreamt about cooking all night long.

No rest for the weary, I suppose?

There is one female line cook at the new job and I kept watching her last night, in the quiet moments. She didn't once seem flustered. Just kept flipping pans.

My coworker and I both got burned from the same droopy oven door. Some mistakes, you make once and then you learn. Today I'm gonna learn to do something I've never been able to do. It will happen.


Anonymous said...

que pasa! como estas?

You inspire me. Perhaps someday I will actually write another blog entry....

Busy all the time. said...

I look forward to that day, mi amigo. I'm glad I inspire you...if not altogether sure why.