Monday, September 24, 2007

doughnut plant, i miss you so

don't don't don't let's start

i got a weak heart

&i don't get around how you get around

I tried out Eagle Donuts today, on Mission 2-3 blocks after Cesar Chavez. It didn't get much press on Chowhound, but it was one of what, two, places in SF proper. I went with a maple old fashioned, which was lighter than the one from All Star. I should have gotten a yeast doughnut also for comparison's sake, but they didn't look so good.

I've been craving doughnuts. Ever since I finally found Doughnut Plant. I checked and of course they don't ship doughnuts...which means that there's just no way to get them and they're little pieces of heaven. And the only way to get close to them, of course, unless this Bob's place delivers that kind of insane goodness, is to learn how to make my own doughnuts.

Doughnuts. Malted vanilla ice cream. Sometimes you just can't stop thinking about something that is completely inaccessible to you. How can I get them? Where can I get them?

In all my free time, hah. NYC report...almost ready.


Marusya said...

My mom used to amke doughnuts for when we came home from school. How did she find the time? How did she make them? Where's the recipe? Must find out.

Busy all the time. said...

mmmh, do find out and let me know! perhaps i can make doughnuts for your bookstore/sf visit ;)