Monday, September 10, 2007

bakery list/local chocolates

My list of New York options is growing out of bounds of what one girl can possibly eat, but here it is, as the Chowhouds add and amend. Any comments? Anything I should see or do in the city I love to hate, other that the trip to my favorites the Strand + Dean and Deluca?

Balthazar Bakery
Chelsea Market/Amy's Bread
City Bakery
Doughnut Plant
Il Laboratorio del Gelato
Kee's Chocolates
Madeleine Patisserie
Sugar Sweet Sunshine Bakery (LES)
Birdbath/Build a Green Bakery (West Village, East Village)
Black Hound (East Village)
Ceci-Cela (Soho)
Levain (UWS)
Bouchon Bakery (UWS)

Dinner hopefully at either p*ong or Momofuku Ssam.

And would I pass up the chance to visit a Somerville chocolatier in his chocolate workshop and stalk the elusive orchid root here?

The Beehive is tonight. I have been waiting at least nine months for this restaurant to open and I'm so very glad I get to go. !!


Anonymous said...

Don't forget to check out Chocolate Bar at 48 8th Avenue or on the thirs story of Henri Bendel. Best coffee drinks ever and great products and design!

Anonymous said...

build a green bakery/birdbath gets my vote. mostly because i want to see pics and a review.

shuna fish lydon said...

black hound is worth a look, but spend your money on more delicious things. city bakery for the pretzel croissant and the miso-plum cake. dinner at Prune if you have a moment-- even if you just get some aps. get a dessert menu from Gramercy Tavern in you're in that hood. the doughnut plant?

Ceci Cela for a piece of pear cake.


YOU MUST GET a tart and a croissant at Cafe Claude on west 4th near the Christopher street stop-- west village. I am serious when I say this man is the best kept secret in all of new york...

Busy all the time. said...

re all:

I've had some chocolates from the chocolate bar before and they were really interesting in terms of ideas, but i didn't think the chocolate used to execute them was all that wonderful. that said, i'd like to see their space.

birdbath sounds really cool. that said, i do hope *all* its female employees don't have to wear vintage dresses.

what you said about black hound is pretty much what i felt...i would love to go to prune but more than that i'm waiting for gabrielle hamilton to write a book.
+ yeah, doughnut plant

Anonymous said...

john went to doughnut plant & had fun. i, too, have heard that cafe claude is not to be missed (but i've not been, myself). odd, but i can't remember where i heard of it. or not so odd as i age.

Busy all the time. said...

i'll take careful notes, b. hope all is well with work...

i went to a new cupcake shop that just opened up here in boston + took pictures. the cupcakes looked not-so-great and the piping was atrocious...but the i remembered, i don't need to worry about those things.