Saturday, September 08, 2007

Boston update, to be continued

It is hot here. Heat something I left behind. Getting used to old houses, windows, air conditionless places.

I have eaten lots so far. I'm trying to take you to my favorite places. Or at least take me back to them. I forgot my camera last night at the BarBQ that I love so much. Where I went last night for corn fritters and a Brooklyn Brown. Where I have watched so many Sox games, gone on so many dates, had birthday parties and met friends' new lovers and taken most people I love, had so many writing conversations and food conversations and last night saw people I knew (but not really knew). Sitting in the worn leather seats I thought I had my answer to Ruhlman's perfect bar and wondered why I was out on SF.

Sure, they have biker-beer bar places...but they don't serve BBQ and have bicycle valet parking or, more importantly, history.

We went apple picking. The first rite of fall. I'm trying to teach my mother how to make pie dough:

and we had some wild Maine blueberries...

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