Thursday, May 31, 2007

the trend has GOT to be over

While I *have* been saying I kind of want to try bacon lately (and, for me, that is like the moment in The Satanic Verses when Gibreel starts eating pork and goes off with the white mountaineering girl...well, it isn't culturally forbidden me, but it would mark the end of an era), bacon chocolate from Vosges isn't exactly what I had in mind. The bacon trend has got to be over. And for some reason, bacon with apple tarts, bacon in ice cream with breakfast-y desserts, all of that is at least something that makes sense conceptually. Salt and chocolate, yeah, I see, but bacon and chocolate?

Maybe it really is me.

I made triple chocolate cookies tonight. I'm not really a cookie person but I was in the mood for warm chocolate cookies. Of course, by the time I finished baking them I'd absorbed enough cookie smell to promptly not want any cookies. Sonsie also cookied me out, too. Double batch of chocolate cookies every day, and they were pretty good, but not good enough for me to not be thoroughly sick of them. I'd eat them, though, when I got hungry, which after ten hours and maybe a bagel at 10 am, would tend to happen. I'd also sneak extra salt in there, since I decided that's what they were missing, and I never told Michael I thought they were under-salted....

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