Tuesday, May 01, 2007

bakesale betty's

bakesale betty's
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I stopped off at Bakesale Betty's today, on my way home from a lovely walk along the Albany shoreline where I (possibly illegally) picked rose petals to make rose petal jam. I got the ginger cookie, pear ginger scone and a slice of banana bread, all that for under five bucks. Wow. They had a bunch of yummy looking cookies, and some strawberry rhubarb pie, the banana bread and scones. Not a lot for sale.

The banana bread I had this afternoon with coffee. I liked the cinnamon sugar crunch topping, and how moist it was. But there weren't enough bananas! No nuts, either, and I'm a not person. The ginger-y things smell quite good though, and I'm sure when I do get to eat them I'll be more excited that I was about the banana bread.

They seem to do a good business, though. Things were pretty hectic in there. They were serving up some fried chicken, too...

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