Monday, March 12, 2007

long time, no posts

So i staged at Oleana for a while and arranged myself a sweet little internship in California, and up and moved to Oakland just last week. Here I am. San Francisco seems to be quite fond of me.

Friday interviewed with bi-rite, a mostly organic ice cream shop/baked goods maker, today trailed at bi-rite, they seem pretty into hiring me 4 days a week.

Saturday worked at the Ferry building farm market for frog hollow, they also are very interested in having me make their baked goods prettier and I should be gonig back next weekend.

And then there's Range, one of the bay area's top 100 restaurants, where i'm staging tomorow night for a part time plater position.

And then there's catering companies calling from all over wanting part time servers, so I should be good to go cash-wise, which is important. Now if only the BART didn't shut down so early, or if only I'd moved to SF proper. Time for that, i guess.

I intended to go to Citizen cake today, but thhey're closed on Mondays, I guess. I'll be back tomorrow for my stage with Range...and y'know, their dessert menu i like but their dinner menu seems just fairly average, what everybody's doing. Not quite rising above the standard...whereas their dessert menu is at least interesting even if it DOES pair two of its fruit-based desserts, both tart fruits, with creme fraiche ice cream. On a menu of 6 choices why use the same flavor in two places? It seems lazy...maybe they have a tiny-ass kitchen and can only keep 1 quart of ice cream at a time? Though they've got caramel-coriander on the menu also.

Cause, really, a yogurt sorbet would be much better with the rhubard tart. it doesn't even have to be labne yogurt. MMh, yogurt sorbet. I have sad supermarket iced cream in my freezer, Albertson's pistachio. And the damn thing has almonds in it, not pistachios. I bet normal people do not notice these things.

curse of the trade. looking forward to range.