Monday, March 26, 2007

Custards and Doughs

I'm having the ice cream maker and the Kitchen aid sent out here. Can't live without them. Should have brought them, originally, but I guess at the time I wasn't willing to make the commitment even though they really don't take up a lot of room in the car. I'm planning what to make, when I get them:

the oleana strawberry lavender tart, with Maura's favorite dough
Claudia Fleming's grapefruit rosemary sorbet
mint ice cream with thin mints
some kind of bavarian-again, per Maura, and to give it a second chance
Fran Bigelow's chocolate dough and chocolate sable, and Maura's chocolate dough...but what to fill them with? Not a big fan of ganache tarts. There's a baked chocolate tart in Fran's book. I could play with a chocolate brulee tart. Choco-pecan pie is always great. Really it's about expanding my repertoire of doughs. Delphin's pate sucree, yeah it's wonderful. But sometimes other dessert crusts are necessary.

Also, do more with custards and puddings. I think puddings and custards are about all I can make until the kitchen aid gets here--no cakes, no cookies, no ice creams, no choux. So, yes, make some chocolate pot de cremes...flavored how, with booze? choco-rum? maybe...sure, why not. Choco-amaretto? Choco-ginger? Choco-lemon, with candied lemon strips? Custard, it's easy enough, yes. But I think I need to make some slamming custards, flans, p.d.c.

My miette internship begins tomorrow. I think I'll actually feel better about things being back in the kitchen. I think there's some book Maura was recommending about flavor to dig through my notes.

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