Saturday, March 31, 2007

frog hollow

So I have to get up at 4:20 a.m. to get to work Friday and Saturday. Which does not make for a good social life, unless naps are involved, and for the last two days I've taken overly long naps and hence gotten 3 sad hours of sleep. Sigh. I'll get more accustomed to things soon. Work was fairly chill, though. Just a lot of hustle in the morning to bake off pastries and tarts and then just waiting for things to sell and baking off more pastries. By myself it'll be more challenging but not overwhelming, I think. I hate a squash-spinach empanada. It was yummy.

There's an absolutely gorgeous view of the sun rising over the Bay Bridge. (And then there's the not-yet-five a.m. view of the east bay all dark and twinkling across the orange, swooping bridge). I like looking at bridges. It reminds me of the mid-hudson. If only they did up the Bay Bridge in LED lights that changed color all the time, I'd be really happy.

After work I walked around down by the Embarcadero a bit and found a really cute park-I think there are really cute parks like every three blocks here. It's kind of a requirement. I bought a churros; I was really hungry. It occured to me that I'm now doing the job that was my dream job just a couple of months ago. All I wanted was to move to SF, work with cute little organic baking operations and work in the Ferry Building. The reality of course is different from the dream, but things are better than I expected them to be at this point, three weeks into the great experiment that was either a totally harebrained idea or genius.

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