Tuesday, March 03, 2009

overturning prop 8, one step at a time

Have you seen this video yet?

Tomorrow night I'm attending the Eve of Justice, in preparation for the opening of oral arguments on 3/5 in the case to overturn prop 8.

The most important thing we can be in this fight is visible.


MB said...

Sorry lindsey, but I just don't get it.

Why SO much political energy and support for what amounts to couple privilege, and romance rubbed in the face? OK maybe I am recovering from a breakup, but I feel like making a video about single queers with the line "Don't isolate us". But that would be too pathetic. "Don't divorce us"? Don't divorce yourselves! Don't isolate your single queer brothers and sisters! Don't depend on the state for validation, when they can just as easily take it all away!

[I hope you're still speaking to me after this ;} )

I'm with Marx on this. Community trumps marriage, any day.

so much cake so little time said...

First off, I'm sorry and I hope you're doing ok.

Secondly...I, my dear, am ALways single. I can't remember the last time I had a satisfying relationship rather than a vaguely bad one. But, crusty exterior aside, I'm a romantic at heart and I would like to have all that one day, or at least the option of choosing. Not to mention all the other rights and benefits than only married people get.

I'm all for community and anything that makes us a little less alone. As for isolation, I experience it more from my straight couple friends, or my straight friends in general (how am i the only queer they know? in this city?) The isolation I DO feel out here in the community is more due to SF's rigid identity politics and the fact that it privileges butch/femme relationships.

I'm rambling and I have to go make doughnuts, but...community is what you make of it, most of the time...

and to get technical we're not speaking we're writing ;)