Friday, December 26, 2008

one down one to go

one holiday down, one more to go. today was not that bad, at least for me. i was on the dessert station, so while i could get some huge batches of cafe items ready to go (and did), my main responsibility was to prep the station and plate desserts. I worked my ass of for two days straight to ensure I wouldn't be screwed this morning, so I had relatively little to do for service...bake some cakes and tart tatins, respin my sorbets, bake tuiles and other cookies, make a couple of easy sauces. The most popular item of the day, and I have no idea why...coconut sorbet. The meyer lemon was fairly popular, too, but most of my tickets included some kind of ice cream and usually it was that one.

we're running out of the major component of two desserts, so it's time to get creative about changing them...soon-ish.

i'm not working new year's eve or new year's day....luck of the schedule but i'll take it.


plinio said...

its crazy how many people like coconut. im not a fan and i try not to do work with it.

i worked at a restaurant where i was told to pair a rum bread pudding with pitahaya sorbet and coconut sorbet ... ugh! makes no sense, but people loved it. gross!

happy new year!

lakeviewer said...

Great list of desserts. Where are these things served, so I can partake?