Wednesday, December 03, 2008

i have a reservation at per se for my trip to nyc in january! there is a slight chance my mom will say she's not paying THAT much money to eat lunch, and we won't go after all, but i hope not because she basically said if i could get us a resy, we could go.

they were actually the sweetest, nicest people to talk to on the phone. the reservationist i got was so happy i lived in sf, which led to to confess, "yeah i work in the industry, actually at {the restaurant} and all you guys have been coming in lately, jonathan was in a while back, hollingsworth was just in, etc, etc"

they asked up front about any dietary restrictions, etc. i said we might get the vegetables menu, because we're both picky about meat, and that was it. it's great that they ask. i don't think they ask at my restaurant. some people overprepare and tell the reservationist, but then we get lactose-intolerant vegetarians who claim to be vegan and then ask to have the chocolate dessert with ice cream (dairy + eggs).

the big question, though...what am i gonna wear?

UPDATE: the mom says yes. i'm going to per se! ::does little dance around kitchen while banging out another round of marshmallows::


chef said...

congrats and I am jealous...when they first opened, sarah called me in VT and said she was on the line with reservations and if I could go the next week we could get in. But I couldnt go and so to this day, I have not been to a Tk restaurant. But please enjoy for the rest of us...

Busy all the time. said...

this will be my first TK experience. i'm excited. i mean, that doesn't describe it. it just feels like an experience i never thought i'd have without paying for it, and let's face it, we industry folk don't make the big bucks. rest assured i'll tell you how it is.