Monday, April 28, 2008

the ice cream game

It's sort of my new favorite thing to do. At least at 1:30 in the morning when I know I should be sleeping. It's easy. What flavor are you? What flavor are your friends? Are you any of the following: vanilla, meyer lemon, malted vanilla, brandied cherry, rocky road, rose, cookies n cream, honey lavender, pink peppercorn, plum sorbet, coffee chicory, maple walnut, irish stout? Do you get to be a flavor that you like? If you don't like the flavor that you are what does that mean?

Last night was very interesting. Went to Medjool. More later, perhaps. I'm so so so tired.


Marusya said...

I'm brandied cherry, maybe. I think. I like how old fashioned that sounds, almost illicit, maybe even tacky or slutty. And as an ice cream? A chill down the throat, followed by the warmth of the brandy. This could be a Facebook application but I'm gald it isn't.

Anonymous said...

okay, i know this is like a week old. but, medjool? ugh.