Thursday, January 31, 2008

goodbye my perfect view

I've got the moving jitters. It's silly, I know. It's only Oakland. I've been getting casually excited about all the lil east bay things I love and will be near again, but I'm also sad in a lonely sort of way. I won't see San Francisco anymore as that city I descend into with the start of each day, clouds hanging high or fogged down low. The fog won't roll down from the haight or over bernal hill and enclose me. I am very much looking ofrward to having a safe home environment again, don't get me wrong, but I feel pricky. Maybe it's the weather. So much and rain and cold.

But this is sort of how the day went: cutting frozen cookies until the cutter wore a sore spot in the palm of my hand, riding the soft flesh against metal through the pain, rolling the scraps back out, freezing them again, the soft click of the rolling pin reminding my hand of its soreness. A vulnerable sort of day for prickly girls.

I'm going to remind myself not to be sad about these new eastbay adventures. It is right that I'm leaving this place and I suppose the only thing to be sad about is the loss of familiar routines.

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