Tuesday, July 03, 2007

the xmas duck

After dinner at Manzanilla (roasted sea bass w/ salt-fennel crust, roasted veggies for me, pea ravioli with shallot butter and truffle shavings for mom), we decided to establish a new holiday tradition. We are a small family and holidays tend to be not very fun, a little lonely. I offered to roast a whole pig, but we downsized to duck because I don't eat pork. So now we're having roast duck! My mother offered to get it from Savenor's, where Julia Child did all her shopping I believe. It's my duty now to figure out how to handle and properly roast a duck. Among other things. For dessert, because it was decided: gingerbread! If you're in Boston you may get an invite to the roast duck feast. If you roast ducks, tips please?

I realized something really important about my dessert composition tonight.

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