Saturday, July 07, 2007

foie, FB flashbacks,

Wedding tonight (not mine, obviously). I wore a dress and looked almost pretty, in a mermaid sort of way.

I was reminded that I come from a long line of feisty women and hedonists, and that it is nice to have people that are family, in a sense, out here in the west.

I tried foie, finally. It was sort of okay, bland until the cracker was gone and the berry coulis was gone and I was left with a mouthful of buttery, fatty protein. The foie. Not exactly how I wanted to do it. But I'll do it again, in a kitchen I trust.

I had ham, too, hiding under the cheese in my pizza. The taste unpleasant in the way a mouthful of swallowed salt water is when you're trying to swim.

I met some nice kids who work, or used to, in the FB. They all know the guy who used to have my job. Many have referenced him. There are conflicting stories, rumors, told to me by people I don't quite trust and some chef I used to like, and then normal reports told to me by my boss, whom I do like. One of the girls I met works for the Miette candy store, so we discussed Miette, the internship, and all of that. Lately I'm feeling like I've been around a block or two out here, like I know people or know of them or they know me, and things really are getting small. It's so strange to feel a part of this community, and all its conflicting relationships, rumors, gossip.

What to do about love, that bastard?


Marusya said...

You're right! Love is a bastard!

I'm enjoying your casual, shifty, funny writing style.

I've put your blog on my blogroll, at

Busy all the time. said...


glad you like the blog! I will have to check yours out as well, and the title is certainly intriguing.