Tuesday, October 24, 2006

jasmine-lime crescent moons

Amy commented on my sample menu for baking that she thought it should be more exotic. So I've been thinking of moon-shaped ladyfinger cakes with whipped lime curd, covered in fondant...ideally the fondant would be light, vaguely translucent white and just drip down from the top off the edge of the cakes. since there's no liquid in ladyfigners I'm not sure if it would work to do a jasmine infusion somehow...or to just add some lime zest and put some tea in while I make the curd. last resort i'm thinking is a thin layer of white chocolate-jasmine ganache, with the lime curd overpowering any white chocolate taste.

I'm also thinking lime-grapefruit. or mexican chocolate ganache with hazelnut meringue discs. But I think the lime moons will be really cute. and I can always save the mexican chocolate for another menu.

Today I went to Flour Bakery to check it out. They had a lot of little things--the menu reminded me of hi rise, but with less bread--and so I got a piece of berry bread pudding that i'm saving for breakfast tomorrow. mmh, frozen berries cooked into mush. the piece was enormous (for only 2.95) and I am hoping I like it. I dunno, I really love the Figs' white chocolate challah bread pudding but I'm not that fond of sonsie's "award winning" chocolate bread pudding, or the chocolate bread pudding from Henrietta's Table. Probably, I just don't like chocolate bread pudding.

In good news, I got the chocolate pecan pie recipe from East Coast Grille. It was published in The Thrill of the Grill. Unsweetened chocolate, and only three hours. And the sugar is cooked with the corn syrup, so the filling is pretty much all liquid. I guess I'll see how that affects the texture.

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