Monday, April 27, 2009

busy (all the time)

hi, lil foodies.

i am very much aware of my neglect of food in this-here space lately. i'm kicking around a couple of ideas but to be honest, i have not felt very inspired on the food-front lately. could be because i've been writing so much, but hey...that one took a sputtering back burner for the last THREE YEARS, alright already? I'm trying to re-negotiate my relationship with food, which is linked directly to my satisfaction with work/living spaces. In the last year I've baked a lot less...because I've had no freezer space, a very unreliable oven, and now a toaster oven.

(yes...I do decide what to bake, if I'm baking at home, by what pan will fit in the toaster oven. yes...i am aware this is ridiculous)

so I'm just gonna leave you with two things:

1. new category in the overcrowded sidebar of other pieces I've written. currently this just contains other blogs I contribute to, but as I get new fictions published they'll make their way over there. I'm not going to put the old ones up, but you can find them if you want to without too much trouble.

2. I've got all my seeds started and I'm scoping out a couple more plants, but here's this year's sunset garden lineup:
early girl tomatoes
yellow pear tomatoes
some kind of determinate cherry tomato whose name escapes me
romano beans
red beets
mesclun mix
rainbow swiss chard
chantenay carrots
french breakfast radishes
lemon verbena
lemon basil

The apple tree and blackberry bushes are flowering. I'm contemplating letting my third shade bed get overrun with spearmint.

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rebecca said...

Hey LD,
Josh and I don't have an oven at home at all, but a counter top convection that fits a single quarter sheet pan perfectly. I thought I'd never be friends with it, but actually since I always bake at work it suits me fine for my once in a while home baking. so much better than a toaster oven.