Tuesday, February 17, 2009

dee's mini organic doughnuts

Has anyone tried Dee's minis?

I spotted them at Philz the other day and again today at the Andronico's. They're small cake doughnuts, about the size of a Dunkies munchkin. They have colorful glazes, and come in flavors like raspberry, maple and cinnamon sugar.

I will admit I haven't tried them yet, but I find them pretty curious. Mostly because

1. there's no vanilla flavor. or plain-glazed. nada.

2. they're 75 cents per mini doughnut. And I'm talkin Mini.

3. They only make vanilla(?)-flavored cake. No chocolate.

Is the overpriced mini item solely a San Francisco phenomenon? When I was in New York last I didn't see bite-sized anything, but out here it's mini doughnuts and mini cupcakes and tiny squares of poco dolce chocolate...

In other news, I was in Boulette's Larder today with a coffee in my hand and did not get kicked out! Lori Regis was right there schmoozing with someone, and the salesgirl listened cheerfully to my blathering about preserved lemons and agar...and they couldn't have been nicer. I guess some things do change.

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