Friday, March 14, 2008

plating, v.

Realization of the day:

I really enjoy plating up the sorbet. In fact my enjoyment of it is out of bounds with the actual effort involved in doing so. The requisite first step is tempering the sorbet so that when you go to scoop it, it's lovely and fluffy and not rock-hard. It's two scoops or sorbet (no quenelles this time) in a bowl, accompanied by some citrus supremes (currently in house we have blood orange and cara cara), and then since we've got approximately 4 quarts of candied lemon peel, a sliver of candied lemon peel because why not? Frozen bowl, cute green plate underneath, and good luck trying to find a food runner!

Plating it up makes me happy in a cute, puttering, grounded sort of way. Just like the kumquat salad, when I can succeed in making the mache pile up and not get oppressed by the heavy endive shards.

It can't be that plating orange things brings me joy...

Consideration of other things I most enjoy plating:
pistachio dessert
kumquat salad
feta spread

And those I enjoy less:
romaine salad
goat, which is curiously my favorite dessert
cheese plate

Today was better. You have a bad day and you get over it. If you're lucky, you convince yourself out of bed at an early hour and get downtown just as the sun is breaking through clouds and you think, goddamn this is a beautiful city and, goddamn I'm lucky I'm here and, goddamn, I should get ready for lunch so fire up the ovens let's go, so that by the time lunch actually starts you can just roll out dough and start ticking items off the prep list.


Aaron said...

Something tells me your boss didn't say "Why not?" to the lemon peel. I think "why not" is a really bad reason to do something. I think that with food it is really easy to lose sight of intentionality. If you don't have a reason for combining flavors, why do it?

Busy all the time. said...

oh, no, it certainly wasn't random! didn't mean to give that impression. no, she's very precise in what she does...which is to say,

no caramel nougat ;)