Saturday, March 08, 2008

last year

I am going to buy myself a digital SLR.

I alternate between saying Yippee and thinking Christ Of All The Things To Spend My Money On.

But. I was never happy with my digital camera, some Canon powershot model. And without a camera I feel sort of naked.

(Taking pictures at work yesterday of the whole pig carcass with my cell phone camera, no way to do it justice).

I've had Canons, Nikons and Pentax and I think I've settled on an Olympus this time. The e-410 model, decently inexpensive, comes with image stabilization unlike the Nikon I was looking at, 10 megapixels, blah blah blah.

It ain't a leica lens but hey...I'm no professional.

Work promises to be another full day. We've been quite busy lately. I'm working garde manger tonight and then the next two nights I work as well, so it'll be a bit of a vacation from pastryland...there have been some menu changes and now there's all sort sof things that I haven't seen/don't know how to do/have only seen once. But picked sardines means that avocados are in house again, which means that I can have avocado-and-flatbread sammiches at the end of the night again, which is delicious and resonant of our early days when only BC worked garde manger.

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