Sunday, February 17, 2008

all kinds of deliciousness

Sometimes really good food is restaurant food, and now that I'm responsible for working both sweet and savory sides of the line I see through that mirage a little bit more (which is not to say that I appreciate it any less).

Sometimes, though, it's diner brunch, tucked into a booth in an in-between part of the city where I used to live and will soon live again. I ordered a chocolate milkshake (if only they'd had malt!) and am omelette with avocado and salsa, hash browns and toast, and coffee. We picked off bites of M's pancakes and made fools of ourselves with a camera. The hash browns were perfect-crispy. I grinned goofily, unable to keep my face from cracking into a smile or a smirk, spooning more food into my mouth even though I was already beyond full...

...but I haven't been eating much lately, aside from fava puree and pasta with butter, and then there was some fried chicken that I apparently am not being enthusiastic enough about (so alright, already, it was all kinds of deliciousness and I ate three pieces! and then took two more home cause it was breakin my tiny tin heart that it was just sittin there on the counter all unloved. It took me back to Kansas, which was I think the point in my life at which I realized I really do adore fried chicken, and I don't adore much, so there, fried chicken, yummers, as an old boss would say)

...and also it was being content in the moment. Realizing that the day would unfold however it may, but I didn't need to be so up in my head about it all. And then an east bay adventure popped up, and then Ikea, and when we were smushed up against a fence in the Ikea parking lot in Emeryville taking pictures of a cake tag for my blog, and then a group shot, it felt like we had done that so many times before, and we'd do it again, and sometimes continuity is nice and it's necessary, especially with the nothing-but-change that my life has been since December.

There is still more change to come. Moving back to SF, which will be the fourth move in a year. And then perhaps a party, for my year anniversary in the bay?

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