Saturday, October 20, 2007

an invitation has been offered...

And I'm going to be a guest blogger here. I'm supposed to offer my opnion about various matters pertaining to writing, the literary community, MFA programs, etc. etc.

BUT I do have clearance to also write about food as it pertains. Should I write about food? About the fetishization of my industry in mainstream and other media? Should I write about the trends in food blogging, in cooking by-the-cookbook or bloggers getting book deals? {snippets of a conversation in La Farine make me smirk} Or how about how what you see of my industry leaves out the queers? (and the women and the fussy pastry chefs) How we're all participating in the myth of the patriarchal kitchen when we buy into the hype.

Or should I establish my street cred as a writer first? Perhaps discuss life-after-the-MFA, my fancy-pants writers group where people comment on NPR and do readings with Steve Almond? Talk about how online publications don't segway into getting your work accepted into journals? Talk about the reductive work of much queer literature and the trend of butch girls becoming tranny bois, female spaces becoming male space, otherness becoming not-male, and the diminishing size of my dating prospects because I don't play those games? {no, wait, that was just the conversation I had}

Time to go shower and then head to work. I'm not working tonight but I'm doing the ultimate geek thing and dropping to eat some dessert. Worked all day, talked about pastries for 2 fucking hours, put some pumpkin puree in the fridge to drain for pumpkin clafouti...and I have a lot more to tell you, so much really, but I wanted to let you know about Fringe as the borders of my world crumple in on each other again.

What news/whose news can I carry forth? Where should I begin?

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