Wednesday, October 24, 2007


I need some.

Very stressful non work situations impeding into my life. They ebb and flow and no matter how much work I can do to get them better in a given day (which is like, five minutes before I head to work) they only subside for a while before they come back. I'm stressed out and worried about these things and cannot take much direct action and it wears you down. It wears me down.

On top of it is the writing I'm doing or not doing. My writers group is being fantastic enough to give me comments on my piece even though I couldn't go to the last meeting due to work scheduling and told them I might have to drop out for a while due to work.

I had the best meal last night when I got home from work {at 12:30, because right after the last table had ordered dessert at ten and I was preparing to wrap things up a new table sat down, so I did not get out till midnight and in the end they didn't even order dessert. Their loss.} I was starved in that crazy way where your head hurts and there isn't anything open and all I had at home was spinach pasta. So I ate it with a little butter and parmesan and lots of pepper and salt and it was divine. I've actually got to go eat now, before work, since there's little guarantee of getting anything much before 4:30. Those prep cooks tend to gut the family meal.

I have been craving more balance or a while but then all I do when I get out of work is talk about work or else prepare to feed myself. Yesterday I made pumpkin pie ice cream base before leaving for work...or I finished up the one I started Monday night but was too tired to finish after my dairy infused with spices.

Tonight. No cooking. Which is fine because I don't have anything to cook anyway, just pounds of apples and some ripening persimmons, half and half and rice and oatmeal, but, cooking. Though I have a feeling I'll somehow end up talking about food anyway or confessing all my thoughts from Saturday at the FB....


acid said...

Sorry about the hectic-ness of your current situation. I know exactly how you feel, as I'm in the situation myself. Running out of the house before 7am, going to work, then school, home by 9:30pm. It doesn't leave much time for anything. It makes time precious, doesn't it?

Busy all the time. said...

No it certainly does not. Somehow it all needs to get done anyway...good luck to you, too. Me it's time to clean the house.