Thursday, December 07, 2006

foie gras bans...

It was either the New Yorker or Food Arts that featured an article on the Chicago Foie Gras feast now that foie gras has been banned there. Since the article mentioned a similar ban in CA and I saw tons of foie gras when I was out there, I thought I'd check it out. Apparently foie gras in only produced in California and New York and both states' lesgislatures are considering banning the production of foie gras.

But what really peeved me was learning this, from here:

While the ducks may be happy, others at Hudson Valley Foie Gras are not. To further complicate this debate, the 80 or so feeders at the farm, all Mexican immigrants, complain that they are required to work 30 days in a row, because if they took a day off, the feeding process would be disrupted and the ducks would become stressed, ultimately impacting the quality and flavor of the foie gras. Izzy Yanay, Ginor’s partner at Hudson Valley Foie Gras, cites that producers in France, Hungary and Israel conducted experiments with backup feeders and concluded that they negatively affected the quantity and quality of the foie gras.[11]

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