Wednesday, October 29, 2008

prop 8

i'm nervous about prop 8. i think a lot of us are. there's a momentum in the air like the fog, with that same mysterious ebb and flow. i lull into not thinking about it, which is probably the worst, because those bigots out there are spending so much time and money thinking about it.

sure, i could say i don't ever envision myself getting married or that marriage doesn't mean the same thing to someone like me as it does to all those straight people undertaking that commitment, but who am i to presume to know what marriage means to any two people at any one point in time? maybe one day i'll wanna get married. maybe i'll decide instead i'd rather have some rad commitment ceremony in an exotic locale. maybe as we keep living our lives and acquiring kids and moving into your neighborhoods, they'll see we're not a threat.

it's easy to get comfortable with a lot of things (like compost, my fave) here in sf. it's easy to presume that everyone, but everyone, is comfortable with who you are. it's easy to think that the hard work is over. in a week i suppose we'll find out. how far we've come/how far we have yet to go. i hope for the best. really, i do.

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