Friday, December 21, 2007


At work, waiting on 9 cups of sugar to caramelize. While I'm waiting I'm frosting cakes for tomorrow because there is nothing else to do.
All of the pumpkin puree got frozen, so no pumpkin pies till tomorrow. No lemon cakes because there is no powdered sugar. Pecan pies are done. When I finish frosting the cakes I'm going to dice up some cherries, soak them in whiskey, and call it a day. My mother is coming. Tonight we're going to Il Cantuccio and then tomorrow while I work my 18 hours she's going to Sens.

Cakes. It takes hours for the cream cheese frosting to be soft enough to spread. It's vaguely pipeable after a couple hours. So, when I'm bored of impatient I go like this.

Some people are delciate flowers and they really enjoy piping swirls and playing with fondant. Me, when I decorate cakes I tend to feel like I really understand where Elizabeth Falkner is coming from. There are just so many ugly cakes out there. But Elizabeth Falkner has so much more finesse than I do. Perhaps one day I shall attain decorating finesse and then I can do whatever I want to my cakes...

{be that as it may, my dog is cuter than her dogs}

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